beeeestdjdjdj 많은 축하 너무너무 감사합니다~~ 저를 태어나게해주신 부모님!! 너무너무감사드려요! 생일이라고 지하철에 사진걸어주신것도 직접은 못봤지만 사진으로나마 너무나 감격스럽게 구경했습니다!!! 좋은 밤 되시구 좋은꿈꾸세요~~👍👍👍

Thank you very very much for the many birthday wishes~~ My parents who gave birth to me!! Thank you very very much! Because of my birthday, you guys even hang (put) up photos at the subway station and although I didn’t see it for myself personally, I’m still deeply touched just by looking at it through photos. Have a great night and sweet dream~~👍👍👍

Trans by alwaysbyYS
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