[151130] Yoseob Twitter Update


all4b2uty 한국이당♡ 한달동안 너무너무 즐거웠어요!! 다들 어떻게 지내셨어요?!

[TRANS] It’s Korea♡ I really had a very enjoyable 1 month!! How’s everyone?!

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[131109] Yoseob Twitter Update


all4b2uty 오늘은 2회공연이네요! 여러분 전 안추운데 주위에서 춥데용..춥다니까 따숩게 입으세요!! 저는 운동하러 20000……. 와 이거 초등학생때 하던건데ㅋㅋㅋ이만..

[TRANS] Today is the second performance! Everyone, I’m not cold but the people around me all say it’s cold.. Because it’s cold, please dress warmly!! I’m going to exercise 20000…… Wa this is something I did in elementary school kekeke till here..

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[131107] Yoseob Twitter Update


all4b2uty 몸에 좋은 까까 사서 먹는데 정말 몸에 좋은 느낌이네요. 유기농농농농. 여러분도 맛있고 건강한 음식 드시고 힘내세요!! 아 춥다.

[TRANS] Bought snacks that are good for the body and after eating it, it really feels like my body got better. Organic nic nic nic. Everyone, eat well and healthily too and gain strength!! Ah it’s cold.

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[131104] Yoseob Twitter Update


뷰티 여러분! 날씨도 좋고! 기분도 좋고! 아무튼 이래저래 좋았던거야♬ 나를 믿고있는 너에게 정말 미안한 마음 뿐이야♪오잉?

[TRANS] B2UTYs! The weather is good and! My mood is good too! Anyways, this and that will all be good♬ The you who believes in me, I really only have an apologetic heart ♪ Oing?

Trans by alwaysbyYS
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[131103] Yoseob Twitter Update


all4b2uty 공연장 가는 중 입니다! 아직 어제 팬미팅의 여운이 남아있는데..ㅋㅋ그 덕분인지 아직까지 하이텐션이네요! 오늘 화이팅!

[TRANS] On the way to the performance venue! The feelings from yesterday’s fanmeet is still lingering.. Keke Thanks to all of you, I’m still on high tension till now! Hwaiting today!

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[131102] Yoseob Twitter Update


all4b2uty 비가옵니다. 오늘 뜨겁게 달궈질 잠실이 하늘도 걱정 되었나봅니다. 오늘 신나게 놀아봅시다!

[TRANS] It’s raining. I think the sky is worried about the heated up Jamsil stadium too. Let’s play excitedly today!

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