[100930] Junhyung Twitter Update

Joker891219 첫무대를 무사히마쳤습니다.
처음인지라 긴장도 하고 실수도 있었지만 추운날씨에 저희 응원해주신
뷰티여러분들 덕에 힘내서 무대할수있었습니다.
너무 감사하단 말씀 드리고싶구요
하루하루지날수록 더 성장하는모습보여드리겠습니다 감사합니다!

[TRANS] Ended the first stage safely.
Since it’s our first, we are nervous and made mistakes but thanks to B2UTYs who came to cheer on for us in this cold weather, we gained strength and were able to complete the stage.
Want to express my thanks to you.
Will show you an even better appearance as the days go by. Thank you!

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