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정들었던 집밥 백선생3를 보냅니다. 든든한 규한이형 천재 세형이형 자상한 상미누나 그리고 언제나 친근하게 다가와주셨던 우리 백선생님께 막내라고 귀여워 해주시고 아껴주셔서 너무나 감사한다는 말씀 드리고싶습니다. 그리고 우리 제작진분들.. 너무나 힘들고 그룹 이름마저 없을 때 , 하이라이트 라는 이름이 생겼을때 자막도 넣어주시고 노래도 툴어주시면서 아낌없이 홍보 해주신 자상함. 평생 감사하며 살겠습니다! 무엇보다 말주변도 없고 열심히 먹어대기만 했는데도 많은 사랑 보내주신 시청자분들 우리 팬분들께 다시한번 감사의 말씀을 드리면서 집밥백선생을 보냅니다. 다들 언제나 맛있고 행복한 집밥 하세요!! 감사합니다 👍👍

[TRANS] Sending away Homecook Master Baek 3 that I’ve grown attached to. Dependable Gyuhanie hyung, genius Sehyungie hyung, thoughtful Sangmi noona and our Teacher Baek who always friendly approaches. Because I’m the maknae, saying I’m cute and adoring me, I really want to express my thankfulness. Also our production crew.. During the extremely tough times and when we don’t even have a group name, till when we thought of the name Highlight, you added it in the captions and even played our songs, the thoughtfulness of generously promoting us. I will live with a heart of gratefulness for the rest of my life! Above all, even though I’m not good with words and only diligently eating, but the viewers and our fans who still gave me lots of love, I want to express my thankfulness to you once again and send off Homecook Master Baek. Hope you always have a delicious home cooked meal that is filled with happiness!! Thank you 👍👍

Trans by alwaysbyYS
Translations may contain inaccuracies


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