[160713] Yoseob and Dujun’s acceptance speech on Show Champion #Ribbon1stWin


[VID] 160713 BEAST Ribbon 1st Win|Show Champion
Trans by alwaysbyYS
Translations may contain inaccuracies

BEAST’s comeback on ‘Show Champion’ and obtaining first place at the same time.

On the 13th July broadcast of MBC ‘Show Champion’, BEAST’s “Ribbon”, Seventeen’s “Very Nice”, SISTAR’s “I Like That”, Wonder Girls’ “Why So Lonely” and Taeyeon’s “Why” were nominated for the Champion Song. BEAST beat the other 4 teams and was awarded the Champion Song.

Yoseob’s acceptance speech “Thank you very much. Up till this album was released, we’ve been through a really tough time so to the members who have hanged in there together, and to B2UTYs who have become our strength during this tough period of time, I really, sincerely, want to thank you. Until the end of our promotion period, we want to create many good memories together with our fans. It will be great if you could give us a lot of support. Also, to the 5 of our parents, we really love and respect you a lot. Thank you.”

Dujun added on “We also want to express our thanks to you, noona (the MC, Kim Shinyoung). Also, our company, Chairman Hong Seung Song isn’t in the best of health right now. But he’s still worrying for us so I’m very thankful. It’ll be great if you could recover soon and show us a better appearance. Thank you.”


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